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Authorized agent of Qingdao Sured the importance of ssbattery in use and maintenance
  UPS power supply is the power guarantee of enterprise data center, which ensures the continuity and security of power supply, and plays an important role in security at all times. Ssbattery is an important part of ups. As the last guarantee of power supply, ssbattery is undoubtedly the last insurance of UPS power supply. According to the investigation, more than 50% of the data center accidents caused by UPS power supply failure are caused by battery failure. Ssbattery battery is a link with high UPS power supply accident rate. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to improve the safe and reliable operation of battery.
  1. Ssbattery UPS battery is generally lack of correct daily maintenance and accurate detection means, which has laid a major security risk for the normal power supply of ups in the future. Some users usually wait until the accident to know that the ups battery fails to supply power normally. How to improve the monitoring and management means and level of ssbattery battery in UPS power supply, reduce or eliminate the incidence of battery accidents, undoubtedly has high economic value for users. Improving the safety and reliability of battery operation is a common problem for users.
  2. The charge and discharge of the battery are not recorded and monitored, and the operation of ssbattery is unknown.

  3. Due to the lack of good means and management, battery users lack sufficient understanding of battery operation, especially for the collation and analysis of battery historical data. The collation and analysis of these data need strong professional knowledge.


  4. The performance of ssbattery is unclear, especially whether the ups battery has the power supply capacity of instantaneous high current?
  5. For the battery performance, such as the battery voltage balance, current capacity, can not be clear real-time understanding.
  6. Lack of temperature compensation and environmental temperature monitoring.
  The above is Qingdao Sured Xiaobian to summarize The importance of battery operation and maintenance,In addition, if you want to know more about Lishi battery, Panasonic battery, Meimei battery, special battery and other products, please contact us at any time!

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